Offshore Book Printing (500+)

Offshore printing – we will handle it.

You’ve heard the wonder stories of books printed for unbelievably low costs offshore in China or in Asia. You’ve probably also heard the all too frequent horror stories.  The stories of pages falling out. Of books not turning up at all. Of laminate peeling off.

We have the service you need. Offshore printing organised by locals. You can come talk to us right here in Auckland, feel the paper stocks, touch the cover materials, and sleep well at night knowing your books will arrive looking great and on time. The beauty of our offshore service is that we arrange shipping, import costs, GST, and insurance. Even more importantly, we use a multi-step quality management process – working closely with our offshore printers and with you to ensure a great outcome.

Hold up. Isn’t BookPrint a local book printer?

Yes. We have a fantastic digital book production workflow setup to produce short run books. We like to think we can print them damn well in fact. However once you need large quantities of books, especially hardcover, it makes sense to produce them offshore. Rather than pigeon hole you into one production system we think you would be better off if we offer you the best of both worlds.

You can talk to us when you’re starting out with a small or local run and as the demand grows we can help you transition to larger orders so you can take advantage of the cost efficiencies of book printing in Asia.

When is offshore printing for me?

  • if you are printing around 300+ hardcover books,
  • or around 1,000+ softcover colour books or booklets,
  • or from around 1,500+ black and white softcover books,
  • and you have at least 10-16 weeks to wait for the books.

You can trust our process:

  1. Discussion. We will sort through the specification of your book, including papers, print, covers, binding, etc. We have samples you can come and see in our showroom.
  2. Proof. We can do a local high-quality digital print proof for you to use for checking your work. For each proof, you should allow approximately 2-3 days + shipping time. This proof is sent to the printers for them to follow as a guide for colours and quality.
  3. Deposit. After accepting the proof you will need to pay a 50% deposit.
  4. Wait. It will take approximately 4 weeks for your advance copies of the finished books, and 4 weeks from there for all your books to arrive, depending on a few different criteria.
  5. Payment. 50% (final) payment is due on delivery of advanced copies.
  6. Awesome. Your books will get delivered to your specified address, and you can start distributing them.

At any stage in the process, we are always available to talk on the phone, via email, or in our office. That is the beauty of dealing with a trusted New Zealand Book Printer instead of a company you found on Alibaba.

Would you like an example cost?

I know I would if I was you, so here you go.

Hardcover Cook Book

  • 200mm Square
  • Hardcover: 3mm board, smythe sewn, casewrapped with 150gsm gloss, printed CMYK colour and laminated
  • Text: 120gsm coated matte, CMYK colour, 100 pages.
  • Qty of 600
  • Unit cost around $13.00 +gst

Softcover Kids Book

  • A4 Portrait
  • Perfect Bound (soft cover)
  • 150gsm / 300gsm Coated Art Stock + Gloss Laminate
  • CMYK colour throughout text and cover
  • 44 pages
  • Qty of 2,000
  • Unit cost around $3.50 +gst

Get your book on its way.