Professional Self-publishing.

Novels, self-help, cookbooks, local history, children’s stories.

Many authors have worked with us to successfully produce their books. We have a variety of styles and options available so you can be sure to find the perfect combination for your project. When self-publishing with the intention of selling your book it is imperative that the book is produced to a high quality.

We like to call our quality level ‘bookshop quality’. If you read through the information below you will find suggestions and tips to ensure your book looks right at home in your local Paper Plus or Whitcoulls. One word of caution, every step in the publishing process needs to be completed to high quality or viewers will notice, writing, editing, design, and production. We can help with production and also design (to find out more about BookPrint’s book design packages check these pages out: cover design or type setting).

Premium Tactile
For books that are aimed at higher-end audiences and will have a more expensive sticker price, we have found authors prefer a more tactile book. We have found and trialed a beautiful cover stock that is coated on one side only, meaning the inside of your covers are textured and uncoated – beautiful to touch. While the outside cover can be laminated in high impact gloss or sophisticated matt laminate to bring your cover design alive. Often these covers are accompanied with our premium 100gsm uncoated woodfree stock, very white with a very subtle warm tinge.

Low-Cost Paperback
To produce an ondemand novel that looks like a mass-market or trade paperback we would typically use a 210gsm, bulky 1 side coated cover board, printed in CMYK colour on the outside, with the text printed black only on 80gsm uncoated book stock.

Of course we can accommodate a wide variety of requests and have many paper stocks and cover stocks to choose from so get in touch, and we can have a chat about your project and the best way for you to move forward.

Book Sizes

In any bookshop you will discover that novels come in a variety of sizes ranging from the tiny pocket book up towards the 6×9″ high quality novels. We can easily bind up to 4.9cm which is roughly a 850 page book.

Typically novels are one of three sizes:

  • Standard NZ A5 (148 x 210mm)
  • Pocket 4.25 x 6.875 inches (108 x 175mm)
  • US Trade 6 x 9 inches (152.5 x 228.5mm) available on premium 100gsm uncoated woodfree stock only

Yes. We can produce 6×9″ books cost-efficiently. This was a common request and like many printers in New Zealand, we had to charge a premium for them to cover inefficiencies in the typical NZ process. However we really wanted to be able to offer 6×9″ books so have created a special workflow that allows you to have your novel printed at 6×9″ locally, cost-effectively, and without waiting for around the world shipping.

What should I do next?

Many authors have had us typeset their books and design covers for them. So if you have a print-ready PDF or a manuscript that is ready to be typeset we can get your project steaming along. Just get in touch, and let us know whether premium tactile or the low-cost paperback would be best for your audience or any other thoughts you have.

Get your book on its way.