Short Run Book Printing (10-1000)

Printing in Unsworth Heights, Auckland.

In recent years book printing technology has rapidly advanced, this allows you to take advantage of dramatically lower costs and the ability to print bookshop quality books in low volumes. We design, print, and bind books every day using our fantastic digital book production setup to produce short run books. If your sales grow we can help you transition to larger orders through our offshore printing partners allowing you to take advantage of the cost efficiencies of longer-run book printing in Asia.

When is local printing for me?

  • if you are in a hurry 😉
  • or if you are printing up to 500 hardcover books,
  • or up to 1,000 softcover colour books or booklets,
  • or up to 2,000 black and white softcover books,
  • or you just want your book printed in good ol’ New Zealand.

You can trust our process:

  1. Discussion. We will sort through the specification of your book, including papers, print, covers, binding etc. We have samples you can come and see in our showroom.
  2. Proof. We provide an unbound proof for $65 or free for jobs over $1,000+gst. This typically takes 2-3 days to complete plus shipping time.
  3. Payment. After accepting the proof you will need to make payment.
  4. Wait. It will take approximately 9 working days for softcover books, and 15 working days for hardcover books to be produced. Shipping is typically 2-3 days nationwide.
  5. Awesome. Your books will get delivered to your specified address, and you can start distributing them.

At any stage in the process we are always available to talk on the phone, via email or in our office. That is the beauty of dealing with a trusted New Zealand Book Printer.

Would you like an example cost?

I know I would if I was you, so here you go.

Premium Novel

  • 5×8 inches
  • Perfect Bound – Card cover drawn onto spine with strong book glue.
  • Text: 180 pages, 80gsm bulky book stock, printed black only
  • Qty of 200. Unit cost around $7.50 + gst
  • Qty of 500. Unit cost around $6 +gst 

Hardcover Memoir

  • 190 x 260mm (oversize reader)
  • Hardcover: 3mm board, smythe sewn, buckram cloth, foiled title.
  • Text: 120gsm bright white, 100 pages, 20 pages printed in colour (for images).
  • Qty of 20. Unit cost around $70 +gst
  • Qty of 60. Unit cost around $40.00 +gst

Softcover Kids Book

  • 210x210mm square
  • Perfect Bound (soft cover)
  • 150gsm / 300gsm Coated Art Stock + Gloss Laminate
  • CMYK colour throughout text and cover
  • 38 pages
  • Qty of 200 Unit cost around $8 +gst
  • Qty of 500. Unit cost around $6.40 +gst

Binding Types Available

Hardcover Binding (Case Bound)
For high-value books, case binding is the way to go. At BookPrint we can work with you to produce hard cover books that will leave an impact. Hardcover books are not cheap to produce in small quantities but become more affordable as the quantity increases – notably around the 500 – 1,000 copies amount when it becomes economically viable to have them created by our partners in Asia.

For hardcover binding we offer a number of embellishments to match the finish with the binding, this can include foiling, debossing, laminates, leather, buckram, wibalin, or other binding cloths and papers. Then within the case there are numerous ways we can bind the ‘text block’ these include section sewing (Smyth sewing), singer sewing, mill and glue, or stab sewing.

Case bound or hardcover binding is for special books. Whether it is a limited edition history or any other high value book. Case binding is the way to go.

Perfect Binding (Paperback)
Many books are perfect bound (softcover). It is the industry standard for novels, self-help books such as religious or motivational, fiction and nonfiction – probably because it is a versatile and great looking binding. 

We can perfect bind books from A6 right up to oversize A4 (in both landscape and portrait page orientation).  The minimum spine thickness is 2mm and the maximum is 49mm.

We can add cover flaps to give it a more upmarket feel, increased durability and added surfaces for promotional content. 

We import out binding glue from Europe and it is special. It is applied hot and combines the best of previous EVA hotmelt and PUR binding glues. It bonds well with both coated and uncoated stocks (and even lacquered stocks) creating a flexible book with higher resistance to cracking or splitting over time. 

Spiral Binding (plastic coil)
Spiral binding with plastic or wire is a practical and traditional binding method. We can spiral bind virtually any size up to A3 with wire, and now with an even more robust spiral plastic.

The benefit of spiral binding is the ability to leave your book open flat at any page, and with the new plastic coil there is much less risk of bending or warping than with wire coil. 

Because of its lay-flat ability, it is a practical choice for cookbooks, or anything that is written on – such as notebooks, conference notes, and training manuals, etc.

Saddle Stitch Bound (Stapled Booklets)
Saddle stitch binding is a practical and cost effective binding method. We can saddle stitch booklets from A6 right up through to A4 portrait and landscape orientation.

We can saddle stitch 2 folded sheets (giving you an 8 page booklet), right up to 30 folded 80gsm sheets (giving you a 60 page booklet) plus cover.

However, when the books get thicker from approximately 60 pages onwards the spine can become slightly damaged in the binding process so for high presentation requirements it is advised to switch to an alternate binding method.

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