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Book Design is absolutely crucial to the success of your book. It is unfortunate but no one follows the adage ‘don’t judge a book by the cover’ which means every author needs to create a good first impression.

When a customer sees your book they follow specific steps, only moving on to the next one if the first one passes the test:

  1. Look at the front cover
  2. Look at the back cover.
  3. Read the back blurb (this is very important and often forgotten)
  4. Flick through some pages (noticing fonts, spacing, chapter headings – without really seeing them)
  5. Read 1-10 pages
  6. Buy the book (hopefully)
  7. Read the book

What this means is that people don’t buy the book because of your writing, but the impression of the cover and the small parts they do read. To take advantage of this you need to invest in the first impression.

How much does book design cost?

Design is functional art, and as such it is hard to price and value. We have found it is best to offer standard packages – the majority of work will fall reasonably neatly into one of these. We do however reserve the right to re-quote once we have received all files and have gone through the briefing process. So take a look through the options and decide which will be the best for your project. Remember to check out our Money Back Guarantee and Launch Success Guarantee further down the page.

With all of our cover designs you will receive commercial print PDF files, with two spine sizes if required, allowing you to have a cover for Amazon/CreateSpace and local printing.

Note: New Zealand customers please add GST (15%) to the costs

Templated cover design

Templates Cover Design Samples$129 (with supplied image)

$209 (we source the image)

This option is for jobs where you need a professional cover, on a low budget. Take advantage of our templates rather than paying for a lot of creative time.  Expect a poppin photo with overlaid title, sub-title, author name and back cover blurb.

  1. Choose which option you want, there are three looks to choose from.
  2. Decide if you would like to use your own image or have us source one.
  3. Supply us with: title, author name, back cover blurb and if applicable a subtitle and your image/photo.
  4. We can generate and place a barcode from your ISBN for $35


Custom cover design

BookPrint Book Cover Design Sample Images$680 (total cost)

With the custom cover package you can expect a totally unique cover built from the ground to have your target market eating out of your hand. We include royalty free images, titles, author name, author photo, custom photoshop backgrounds, ISBN barcode.


Commissioned illustration

$750 (simple character)

$751 – 2,099 (the range in between)

$2,100 (complex character with complex background)

These are typically computer illustrated cartoon style (adult or child style),  pencil/charcoal drawings, or watercolour. You can expect fantastic artwork that will be supplied to you in high resolution files for future use in addition to your cover files. This cost is additional to the custom cover design, and the range covers simple character illustration through to complex characters with complex backgrounds.


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