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Bookshop quality page layout & typesetting

With all our page layout you will receive commercial print PDF files, suitable for local printing, offshore printing and uploading to createspace.

These costs are as standardised as possible to make it easy for you to budget. However as all books (and authors) are unique so we reserve the right to alter the costs until we have seen the manuscript, images and brief.

Once you have gone to the effort of writing and creating your book – it really deserves to be presented in the best possible light. Everybody knows how important cover design is. The page layout is equally important and it serves three functions:

  1. convince ‘browsers’ that your book is of a high quality and to purchase it
  2. make it a pleasure to read
  3. help with post purchase gratification, i.e. as they are reading they are still excited by their purchase

What goes into page layout?

Typesetting has many rules but is still an art. When you have your book typeset by a designer at BookPrint you can expect us to organise the front matter for you as required, possibly including a title page, copyright page, table of contents, dedication and foreword. You can also expect professional headers and footers with page numbers, author name, book name, and where appropriate chapter or section names. Every page the text will have manual kerning and other typography adjustments to ensure the block of text is even, flowing nicely and there are no widows or orphans (an ugly short line of one or two words or characters).

Note: New Zealand customers please add GST (15%) to the costs


Text based books.

Fiction/ nonfiction/ novels/ business/ memoirs

For these books there is a setup cost and then a per 1,000 words cost.

Pure text (ie novels). $200 + $9 per 1,000 words

Manuscripts requiring chapter headings, a single font for all body text, headers & footers, table of contents, copyright page, simple front matter.

Complex text (ie business books). $450 + $18 per 1,000 words

Manuscripts requiring chapter headings, multiple fonts for body text (such as scriptures, chapter introductions, pull quotes, footnotes) headers & footers, table of contents, copyright page, complex front matter.

Images, graphics & diagrams can be inserted for $7.50 per image.

Custom ornaments for chapter headings or section breaks can be commissioned for $140.


Image based books

Coffee table, children’s, look books, recipe

For these books there is a setup cost and then a per page cost. We will first roughly design several concepts, this entails designing two spreads; one with a chapter start, and one with standard content. After you are thrilled with this we then move through the book page by page following the agreed upon aesthetic style. After completion of the book you receive the soft copy for further feedback and revision.

Complex images (ie cookbooks). $2,000 + $15 per page

Beautiful design. Print ready photos/ illustrations to be supplied. Custom templates designed and applied to all text.

Illustrated books (ie kids books). $300 + $10 per page

Print ready illustrations to be supplied. Text carefully placed around images, several fonts and emphasis is included.


Money Back Guarantee

Custom Cover Design includes a full money back guarantee throughout the entire process until you have approved the final design.


Want bookshop quality?

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