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Do you have a minimum order quantity?

No, but we have a $979 minimum spend for new customers. The minimum spend can be a combination of design and printing or just printing or just design. After your first order, we are happy to help you with reprints with a cost as low as $500.

When Timmy first started BookPrint in his Dad’s garage, the minimum order was 25 units. This was because he used to outsource binding of the books to trade binders and couldn’t afford to do that with tiny jobs. After we grew the business and brought our binding in-house with (in our opinion the best short-run binding machine in the country), we started to do one-off jobs and lots of small jobs.

However, we ran into some trouble from a money point of view because we operate our business with a high level of customer service – which doesn’t work with low-value jobs. We enjoy being able to hand hold customers if they need it, or have great banter if they don’t need hand holding. But. When we have long conversations and spend a lot of time helping someone who is printing one cheap book for their lover – we lose money. So for purely financial reasons we had to be honest with ourselves and say, “sorry we just can’t afford to do jobs for less than $979 – or it would force us to change our business model from high service to just banging jobs out”. I hope you understand.

We would love to help. If you have a small job, check out our $979 packages which offer great value – and will ensure your small project is a great book.


  • 100 books.
  • A5, 5×8”, or 5.5×8.25”
  • Text: 90gsm white book paper, upto 190 pages printed black only
  • Cover: 304um 1-sided board, printed CMYK colour 1-side, gloss laminated

Total cost $979 +gst

We will transform your typed manuscript and pile of photos into a beautifully designed book, that your grandkids and others will actually be impressed by! And want to read! 

  • Upto 20,000 words.
  • Upto 25 images with captions.
  • Upto three styles (chapter names, body text, and a 3rd style for letters or quotes or pull paragraphs)
  • We include a professional front matter with title pages, copyright pages, table of contents and a dedication.
  • Great templated cover design package (upgradable to full custom cover design for an additional $520)


  • 25 books.
  • 220mm Square, 180x220mm or A4 Portrait.
  • Text: 90gsm white book paper, upto 90 pages printed black only, unto 25 pages printed colour.
  • Cover: 304um 1-sided board, printed CMYK colour 1-side, gloss laminated

Total cost $979 +gst

Get your book on it’s way.

Keen to get started? If so fire through a query and we can get you a production slot scheduled.

Just want to have a chat? Fire a message through anyway we’d love to spend some time going through various options or just talking books with you 🙂

Want to rub books on your face? Book sniffers and touchers are more than welcome to come past our office/ showroom/ production space. We are open for walk ins Tuesday and Thursday 11am to 3pm or call for an appointment.

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