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From Manuscript to Book Sales

From Manuscript to Book Sales

Great! Congratulations you’ve written a book. Your journey has started – but now your wondering what do I do now. I will run through the design and print process at BookPrint, there are two options. If you have finished artwork. Note finished artwork means PDF files with 4mm of bleed and trim marks. For perfect […]

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Seven Steps of Publishing

Publishing Types: Seven Steps of Publishing

Publishing, Self Publishing, Independent Publishing, Love Publishing, Traditional Publishing, Vanity Publishing… Stop your head exploding – just read this. Publishing is actually a very simple concept, however you may find yourself a tad confused reading about all different types of publishers. Like a lot of things in life if you look a bit closer you’ll […]

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Are books dying dead or evolving

Are books dying, dead or evolving?

In the age of the internet, ebooks, kindles, Ipads and wifi everywhere – there is a loud voice crying the demise of the book. This prophecy appears everywhere and it is being spread by drinkers of the dead book koolaid cult. Whether these drinkers have invested any original thought is its own question. As an entrepreneur […]

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